Sharif Harris

Interior Redesign Specialist,
House of Delon

A little something about Sharif

Sharif Harris, an expert in interior redesign from The Germaine Property Group, blends the vibrancy of New York with his love for fashion and flavor to transform living spaces. Growing up in New York, Sharif discovered his talent for design early on, showing a unique fashion sense from a young age. His specialty is budget-friendly makeovers that combine modern traditions with contemporary trends. Sharif excels in rearranging existing elements to alter the atmosphere of a room, often using bold colors and inventive layouts. 

His work not only increases property value but also brings a special flair to housewarming events, consistently impressing guests. Known for his "Sharif effect," a part of the House of Delon collection, he elevates spaces to mirror individual style, success, and personality. With Sharif Harris, a home is transformed into a statement of art, reflecting the owner's distinct vision. The House of Delon stands for transforming spaces into memorable experiences.